Inschrijving Belgisch Kampioenschap Yu-Gi-Oh! 2015

Inscription Championnat Belge Yu-Gi-Oh! 2015

30/05/2015 - 31/05/2015


Voornaam / Prénom

Naam / Nom


Straat / Rue

Nr / No

Postcode / Code Postal

Gemeente / Commune

Land / Pays


*No Cossy ID= 000000000


By attending this Trading Card Game tournament,I understand and agree that by Accepting, I agree to the use of my photographic likeness, name, information, deck list, which may be included in print, photo, and digital media as part of event coverage. I understand I am not entitled to compensation for this usage, and I agree that this information or images may be used without notification. I represent and warrant that I am of the age of majority in my state or province or country of residence.

Location : LIEGE

Ecole Saint Benoît & Saint Servais

104 Rue Saint Gilles, 4000 Liège

Doors open : 09h00

End registration : 10h30

Start First Round : 11h00

Saturday :

* Finals:
   - Entry fee : €20,00
   - Swiss rounds
   - Top players get invitation for the Sunday-finals

Sunday :

* Dragon Duel
   - Entry fee : €5,00
   - Swiss rounds
* Top Players Single Elimination
* Side event for none qualified players